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  • Ed Whitman

    I would like to take this opportunity to make a recommendation for Jim LaFratte, a Corrective Exercise Specialist and a TPI Golf Fitness Professional. I was introduced to Jim and he made an immediate impact on me. So much so that I decided to begin a golf fitness regimen with him. His expertise in golf fitness and exercise is unparalleled and the two areas that I have always strived myself to improve personally. Read More  
  • John Mascari

    As you know, the New Jersey PGA has always been and continues to be one of the strongest sections in the country. We have PGA Tour and Senior Tour players, the nation’s best instructors, and the most respected Club Professionals. There is no doubt the wealth of knowledge and experience in our area is immense. I can honestly say that Jim LaFratte add to that pedigree. Read More  
  • Chris Dachisen

    I wanted to write this letter in reference to Jim LaFratte, a TPI trainer that I have worked with for the past year. As I have gotten older, my desire to still play golf at a high level has not diminished. Therefore, I have felt the need to keep myself in better shape to keep my golf game at its best. Read More  
  • Mike Andrusin

    Jim LaFratte is a highly motivated and well educated golf fitness professional. I have gotten to know Jim as he works in the fitness field where I am the Head Golf Professional for the County of Morris. Jim and I had numerous conversions about fitness and how it relates to golf as well as local golfers who we were mutually acquainted. Jim invited me to his facility to demonstrate his assessment process and some of his program ideas. From that day forward Read More  
  • Mike Adams

    It is my pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for Jim Lafratte, TPI Level 3 Golf Fitness Trainer and Bioswing Dynamics Certified Fitness Professional.I have been a member of the PGA of America for over 33 years as well as a member of the World Golf Teacher H.O.F. and in that time frame I have seen numerous “golf fitness trainers” come and go. Read More
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Titles Performance Institute Golf Fitness Evaluation

The Titleist Performance Institute golf fitness evaluation consists of a series of functional screens designed to evaluate the body’s ability or inability to perform an efficient golf swing.

Corrective Exercise Programs

The golfer’s most common injury sites are the low back, shoulder, knee, elbow and wrist. The practice of corrective exercise is designed to address these injuries as well as postural and structural flaws while improving strength, balance and speed.

Golf Specific Strengthening Programs

Golf specific strength and conditioning program focuses on all of the active muscles in your swing, making you solid over the ball, providing greater distance and allowing you to maintain proper positioning for the entire round.

Power and Swing Speed Training

Any golfer, who is serious about improving their game with longer drives, needs to train their muscles for speed and quickness.

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Get Screened, Get a Plan, Get Results

Each season, every golfer has high hopes of playing better golf from the previous year. Golfers spend their hard earned money on the newest drivers, balls and training aids with the notion of “this will be the year”. New technology brings many golfer new hope with the arrival of adjustable drivers to fix the slice,… Read More »

CASTING: Sadly, it is not only for fisherman

Casting is a very common swing flaw among the amateur golfer in fact, more than 56% of golfers cast the golf club. Casting is defined as an early release of the wrist set or “lag” during the downswing. Casting leads to loss of power, lack of consistency and excessive ball spin. Casting is caused by… Read More »

I am a 64-year-old-golfer, who was scheduled to undergo total left knee replacement. In advance of the surgery, I started working out with Jim LaFratte, and it was our goal to “pre-hab” prior to the surgery. Read More
Kevin Harrington Esq. | North Jersey Country Club
I am an avid golfer and I found Jim through the TPI website. I called three other golf fitness trainers and after speaking with Jim I knew he was the correct person for me. My game, my strength and my flexibility has increased by leaps and bounds. I have been training with Jim twice a week for over a 4 years and I plan on continuing as long as I can.
Ron Cochran | High Mountain CC Champ 5yrs
At 57 years old my herniated disc prevented me playing golf pain free. Over 20 years of sitting at a desk caused limited flexibility, stability and strength which affected my golf game. In researching TPI, I wanted a golf trainer not a swing coach who also did some golf fitness work. Read More
~ Wade Wolfe. VP Smith Barney