Golf Specific Strengthening Programs

Golf specific strength and conditioning program focuses on all of the active muscles in your swing, making you solid over the ball, providing greater distance and allowing you to maintain proper positioning for the entire round. Exercises and drills are performed to increase strength in the exact positions where weakness and stress occur in the golf swing. Increasing strength in golf specific muscles will not only give the golfer greater distance, the golfer will be able to maintain better posture and positions due to stronger core and postural muscles.

Studies have shown that many swing faults are due to weak core muscles that cause changes in the spine during the swing and create putting inconsistencies. To maintain the proper position in your swing you need to have strength and endurance in all the primary golf muscles. This allows for a proper spine angle and correct positioning for the entire round. Most golfers complain of fatigue or golf breakdown during the back nine, caused by weak, fatigued muscles- primarily abdominal and lower back muscles that are the core golf muscles.