Titles Performance Institute Golf Fitness Evaluation

The Titleist Performance Institute golf fitness evaluation consists of a series of functional screens designed to evaluate the body’s ability or inability to perform an efficient golf swing. TPI has evaluated thousands of golfers ranging from the weekend warrior up to the PGA tour to determine the most effective physical screening process. I personally have screened hundreds of golfers ranging from the high school level up to the LPGA. After evaluating the golfer’s flexibility, strength, balance and biomechanics, a custom golf fitness program is then designed to improve the body’s performance as it relates to the golf swing.

Our complete fitness evaluation consists of a 5 stage screening process which is unique to the industry. We then create a detailed report outlining the results of the client’s physical exam and assigns them a “fitness handicap”. A custom workout program is designed based upon the results of the physical assessment. The client can access to their custom workout program via the internet. All evaluation results and exercises are able to be viewed via video or print via the TPI website.

The results of the program have proven to be tremendous in lowering a golfer’s handicap. The exercises help you to gain greater distance, accuracy and balance, along with better posture. Not only will the golfer’s body have the physical ability to get in better positions, the life time swing faults due to physical limitations are now corrected and the final result is a better golfer and lower scores.