What is TPI golf training or golf fitness?

“Golf training” or “golf fitness” mean the same thing and are used to describe a program that identifies and addresses a variety of physical limitations as well as works on strengthening proper movement patterns so that the individual feels better in their daily life and also sees improvement in their golf game. Golf fitness is specific to the individual and does not require hours at a gym. It is simple and effective based on the individual’s needs and lifestyle. In addition, it also works to prevent future injuries and keep you on the course for years to come. Why not improve how you feel and get a few extra yards on your drive at the same time?

How does TPI golf training help my game?

There is a large body of research from more than 10 years of data that shows a direct relationship between having physical limitations such as flexibility or strength and specific swing faults. If you are slicing the ball or standing up out of your posture for example, it is more than likely not because you need to practice more, but because you have a physical limitation that is easily fixable and holding you back.

Are there other benefits to doing golf training?

In addition to seeing improvements in your swing speed and distance off the tee, golf fitness helps to clear up problems physically that are holding you back on the range while you work with a golf professional by allowing you to better get to the positions they are asking you to.

Perhaps the biggest additional benefit, however, is that through the golf fitness evaluation we identify things that are not only causing problems in your swing, but also in your daily life, putting you at risk for injury and/or already causing you discomfort. Golf fitness is a program that addresses improving the individual for life, not just the course.

Will golf training help my soreness and pain when I play or after I play?

Because of the in depth initial evaluation, all problems related to pain are identified in addition to causes of problems in the swing. Your golf fitness program is designed to not only improve your ability to swing better, but also to make sure you are not in pain during play or experiencing pain off the golf course.

I currently take lessons from a golf pro, will you share results and work with them to help me?
My mission is to work with any and all golf professionals willing to acknowledge the importance of addressing the golfer’s most important piece of equipment, themselves.

I don’t take lessons, do I need to take lessons?

While golf lessons are not required, it is HIGHLY recommended to at least have an initial session with a PGA/LPGA teaching professional to help us identify technical flaws and ways to work towards a safer and more efficient golf swing. If you do not currently work with a professional, I can make an educated referral for you.

I have had one or more surgeries, can I still participate?

All the more reason why you need to be evaluated before you hurt yourself again or more. Golfers who have undergone 1 surgery or more are at a higher risk for re-injury or injury of another body part due to compensatory patterns that take place. Our clients who have had surgeries are actually some of our biggest success stories! This includes rotator cuff repairs, total joint replacements, back surgeries and many more.

Is there an age requirement? Am I too old or too young?

Golf Training is appropriate and needed for all ages. While a junior’s program is going to be different than a newly retiree’s program, everyone can benefit.

What is Golf Fitness and Training for Juniors?

Golf fitness for Juniors focuses on correcting any physical limitations while also developing a program to improve and foster correct movement patterns and protect their growth plates. We create complete development plans so that Juniors are on track towards success from day 1, setting them up to peak when is appropriate based on their age and goals.

What does TPI golf fitness sessions cost?

TPI golf fitness sessions are roughly the same cost as a 1/2 hour or 1 hour golf lesson. I always encourage all of the potential clients to take full advantage of the complimentary gift card offer to get a free jump start on their program.