6 qualities to look for in a Golf Fitness Trainer

Finding the right trainer can be challenging, but they are called "personal" trainers for a reason. Trainers are there to guide you to your personal fitness goals safely and effectively and to do so; they also need to fit with your personality. Finding a competent golf fitness coach is an even tougher task due to the lack of availability. According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of personal trainers in America will jump 24% by 2020. As the field increases, clients will need to do more research to find the right trainer to fulfill their needs. Below we will suggest … [Read more...]

Get Screened, Get a Plan, Get Results

Each season, every golfer has high hopes of playing better golf from the previous year. Golfers spend their hard earned money on the newest drivers, balls and training aids with the notion of “this will be the year”. New technology brings many golfer new hope with the arrival of adjustable drivers to fix the slice, softer balls that promise more distance and new training aids that fix the old problems. But to many of our dismays it is still just the same old result, mediocre and inconsistent golf. Sadly what the average golfer fails to realize is that the best tool that they need to play … [Read more...]

CASTING: Sadly, it is not only for fisherman

Casting is a very common swing flaw among the amateur golfer in fact, more than 56% of golfers cast the golf club. Casting is defined as an early release of the wrist set or “lag” during the downswing. Casting leads to loss of power, lack of consistency and excessive ball spin. Casting is caused by a few different reasons, most are not so obvious. We will begin by listing the reasons in their order of appearance: Lack of hip mobility Lack of lower body strength Lack of body separation Lack of core strength and stability Poor wrist mobility A lack of hip mobility, lack of … [Read more...]

Golfers Most Common Enemy

As golfers we come across many of our common enemies during the golf swing but there are a few that rear their ugly heads more than others. The most common swing flaws that golfers suffer from are Loss of Posture or Early Extension and Flat Shoulder Plane (part of loss of posture). 64% of golfers have Loss of Posture or Early Extension and 45% of golfers have Flat Shoulder plane. All of these swing flaws can cause two typical miss hits, the block to the right and a hook to the left. Most teaching professionals have the daily task of trying to cure these problems. They are forced to apply … [Read more...]

How To Properly Screen a Golfer

As a Level 3 TPI CGFI and 20 year Corrective Exercise Specialist, I have come to appreciate the great value that the TPI Golf Fitness Assessment along with a PAR-Q and a Static Flexibility Assessment can provide to the fitness professional.  With the advances in today’s technology it is relatively easy for the fitness professional to uncover some of the once hidden issues that cause dysfunction in the golf swing. With that being said, we have been strongly compelled into adopting  newer high tech variables into our evaluation process, one being and in depth biomechanics screening … [Read more...]

Off Season Golf Fitness Essentials

For most of the Northeast, the golfers off season is approximately 5 months long without much time for outside golfing activities. The off season is a great time to build on our summer golfing achievements and also to work on reoccurring issues in the golf swing by beginning a golf fitness plan. Most people would like to continue some type of off season activity but truthfully, most people have no idea where to start. The off season workout plan should be broken into 3 separate phases to help the golfer be fully prepared for opening day. Fall Corrective Exercise and Stabilization Program: … [Read more...]